25 Coffee Shops in 1 Year

On my list for 2016, I decided to visit 25 different coffee shops by the time the year closed.

Just for fun.

And because I like coffee.

But not black.

Most shops were in the Los Angeles area and two were from when I visited Mexico for the very first time in September.


My adventure turned into a hobby and for the year 2017 I wanted to do something a little different.

Rather than quickly running into a shop before my full time job in the AM and posting a photo (which I did a few times). 2017 will be the year I spend some quality time in every shop I visit and write about my experience.

2016 RECAP!

Tastiest Coffee: The Surfin’ Honu @ Honu Coffee in Newhall, CA

Good Looking Space: Dinosaur Coffee in Los Angeles, CA

Friendliest: Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea in Los Angeles, CA (they still gave me coffee even though I forgot my wallet. Embarrassing!)

Here’s to another round of coffee!


One thought on “25 Coffee Shops in 1 Year

  1. This is so awesome. Since I’ve just barely begun my coffee endeavors, I’ll be excited to follow and taste the ones you’ve already hit up. love it ☕️❤️


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