Coffee & Murals

Antigua Coffee House      
3400 N. Figueroa St.                           
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Set in the heart of NELA. I am new to this place as a person who now drinks coffee regularly. I came here once years ago when I didn’t drink coffee as much.

One of the first things noticed outside of this shop is the colorful mural on Loreto st. I was lucky enough to find parking right next to it and snap a few photos of my son.

Of course when we walked in I had my eyes on the details of the shop as well as my eyes on my son who went straight for touching the teapot sets sold alongside the counter.

By the time it was time to head out he already began handing these sets to other customers.

The space inside is decorated with many art pieces surrounding the shop with a wall stocked of black tinned organic tea blends.

The LA weather had been quite warm lately and I felt like having a cold drink. The iced Mayan mocha was what was recommended to me to try by the girl who happily welcomed me. The drink was delicious and I would probably suggest that in hot or cold to anyone who steps in to the shop as a first timer.

I was almost tempted to try the iced organic horchata with espresso. But those who know me should already know how guilty I feel when I’m faced with that decision. It’s always as if I’m about to cheat on Tierra Mia.

Which I have. 


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