My Heart Belongs to Tierra Mia

I wake up every morning wondering if I’ll make it out to get some coffee at Tierra Mia’s Echo Park location.

Today I made it!

Never did I even think I’d end up visiting almost every single location they have opened. 

I’ve enjoyed the drinks and the culture Tierra Mia has presented throughout the years but there is one thing I love about it the most.

A few of the locations I’ve been to can get a little wild. Long lines inside, long lines outside with cars out on the street 10 blocks down at the drive thru! I prefer to avoid these locations unless I need to absolutely satisfy my craving.

What I love about these locations are how it brings many families together. They make a day or night out of their visit. It’s as if families regularly choose Tierra Mia after a dinner meal to indulge in sweets by having a coffee and pastry before closing time.

I still choose Tierra Mia over any local coffee shop and always try to spend a moment there on my own or with family and friends. 

Pictures below are from the Highland Park location:

Tierra Mia
5528 Monte Vista St.
Los Angeles, CA 90042


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