The Taste of Lavender

Beau Bar
3300 W. 6th St Suite 4
Los Angeles, CA 90020

When I tried walking in early morning, I got locked out as I was taking the first photo outside. Did she not see that I was going to go in? I almost left disappointed.

Everything changed as soon as she ran to the door apologizing and realizing that I wanted to come in.

I was the first customer of the day.

And that meant peace with my coffee.

My first thought as I scoped-I want to come back again.

My second thought as I snapped-I’m blogging about this one.

This shop had the perfect lighting and the cutest little swing chair. The space was clean and bright with a good menu selection of both coffee and tea.

I ordered a lavender honey latte for the first time in my life and its not going to be the last.

Not only did the girl who locked me out make me a good drink, she also gave me a reason to pass through koreatown again very soon.


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